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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jack Turner, Wounded at Antietam

Banner-Watchman Athens, Mar. 10, 1885 -- page 1
Jack Turner one of the most reliable negroes in Columbus died Friday night. jack Served as a soldier in the Confederate service and recieved a wound toward the close of the war.

Columbus Sunday Enquirer Sunday Morning March 1st,1885

Death of Jack Turner
For the past eight years Jack Turner, colored, had been porter for Mr. I. L. Pollard, and was universally respected for his politeness and the promptness with which he performed his work. About three weeks ago he was stricken with paralysis, which resulted fatally yesterday morning at 2 o'clock. He was one of the most prominent colored citizens of the city and had friends among the white people who will regret to hear his is no more.

At the outbreak of war he accompanied his young master, Mr. Rube Shorter, who was a member of the Columbus Guards, to the front. He never shirked a duty or failed to be present at the most critical times. At the battle of Antietam, when our forces were outnumbered two to one and the fortunes of the day were nearly lost, volunteers were sought, and Jack, with his musket joined the ranks. The gallant conduct of the confederates on that day, assisted by just such brave volunteers as Turner, made that battle a draw one. He received a serious wound on his arm. Turner was prominently connected with the colored fire company and other organizations of the city. The remains will be buried today.
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